Alan Joseph Marx is a Los Angeles-based analog photographer and painter.  He has been making and showing work for three decades in and about various Southern California communities and he continues making work at his studio in Hollywood. Alan has several on-going personal projects and is available for studio visits and commissions.

Studio & Gallery

Alan’s studio is located on an historic property in the Hollywood Hills and functions as both work and exhibition space. The location also hosts events that provide opportunities for his peers to showcase their talents via group shows and solo exhibitions, for art and curatorial projects alike. Please contact Alan directly for exhibition ideas and proposals at

Work & Commissions

Most of Alan’s paintings are oil on panel whereas his photos are predominantly silver gelatin and C-prints.

Alan’s go-to camera is his Pentax K1000 with a 19mm lens, but he also has a small collection of other cameras and lenses including a Canon FT and Minolta SRT. Regarding film, Alan holds a special place for Adox Silvermanx100, Rollei CR200, and all infrared film. 

Alan is available for commissions. He has a unique eye for non-traditional portraiture and will work with individuals, groups, or families to capture an unexpected but deeply meaningful and honest moment.

Please direct all inquiries to Alan at


Have a question or comment? Want to schedule a studio visit? Alan would love to hear from you! Please get in touch and Alan will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest!